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The Carrot Patch

Message from Ms. Joy:
Our reading words are listed in Book Worm's Word List.  You may want to put each word on an index card and let your child practice sounding out and reading these words.

Word List

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Word List

Every March, our classroom has been plagued by Leprechaun mischief of one kind or another. So, this year our class has vowed to capture this crafty fellow by designing a trap. Through many brainstorming sessions, the children have contributed to many imaginative ideas to help solve the problems of what supplies will we need to build the trap, how can we lure the Leprechaun into our room, how will the trap actually work.

The process of capturing the Leprechaun will require that we use all of our reading, writing, and math skills we have learned this year. So, when you visit our class, please check on our progress as we first try to entice the Leprechaun into our room.

Along with trap construction, we will be learning six more letters and their sounds, as we add the Letters "P", "V", "W", "K", "Q", and "J" to our sounding list. Our alphabet party will be held aroung the first week of April as we finish the alphabet with the letters "X", "Y", and "Z".

We will be introducing the process of addition and subtraction this month, and with all of the set work our class has done, this should be an easy progression.

Our Lichterman field trip has been rescheduled for Tuesday, April 1st. Watch out for permission slips coming home soon. Since the money has been collected, you only need to sign the new slip and return them.

Hope to see you spend some time in our classroom as our room changes from winter to spring!

Bye for now!

Ms. Joy & Ms. Dorothy


Fun Family Projects
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A Leprechaun has been here!
A Leprechaun has been here!

Green footprints!
Green footprints!

Look! It's static electricity!