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Hi, I'm Franklin!

Welcome to our classroom!

What's New....

The beautiful swan was once an ugly duckling. The boy who cried wolf had no help when the real wolf came. The modest turtle won the race while the boastful rabbit bragged about his speed. Some of life's greatest lessons are remembered best through the recollection of stories heard in childhood.

As we venture into our new year we will be experiencing these delightful stories through reading, storytelling, reinacting and creating interpretation.

On Fridays, we will open our Library Center where the children can read and select a book to check out for the weekend. We'll use this time to introduce reading readiness skills such as letter recognition, following words from left to right, listening, caring for books, and most importantly, developing a love of reading and books.

This month, we will tackle letters "a", "B", "C", and "D" and numbers "0", "1", "2", and "3", review our colors and shapes from our Fall studies, continue our Spanish study and reviewing our Spanish colors and vocabulary. As we learn to recognize and write our numbers, we will learn them in Spanish as well.

Looking forward to kicking off a Great Year!

Ms. Debra

Ms. Debra's Class with Santa!
Here comes Santa Claus!