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To be enrolled in Roulhac's Preschool and Childcare, PLEASE RETURN

Enrollment Contract.

$100 Enrollment fee, non-refundable, OR

$50 Waiting List fee, non-refundable, applied towards Enrollment fee. (In some cases, no waiting list exists.)

Enrollment Contract and all priority information must be on file in the office before class attendance begins.

Students entering Preschool through Junior Kindergarten may be evaluated for proper class assignment.

Priority Admittance is as follows:

1. Students enrolled preceding year.

2. Siblings of students enrolled preceding year.

3. All others.

(Within each level, the Enrollment Contract date determines the order of listing.)

Summary of Admissions and Enrollment Procedures:

1. Return of Enrollment Contract and $100 Fee.  ($50 Waiting List Fee if waiting list exists.)

2. When an opening exists, depending on age, Roulhac's may want to evaluate your child.

3. Parents will receive a priority information packet.

4. Priority Information packet must be returned.

5. Certificate of Immunization must be sent in to the office with priority information packet.

6. Roulhac's will want to review any psychological or speech/ hearing evaluations.

7. Admission from the waiting list: $50 balance of Enrollment Fee.

Roulhac's Preschool and Childcare* 390 South Yates * Memphis * TN * 38120