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Why I Chose Roulhac's!

Why I Chose Roulhac's!
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After 70 Years of Excellence...
                                     We're still in Preschool!  
We want to hear from you!  If you are currently attending Roulhac's, or are one of our alumni families, please fill out the form below.  We are proud of our reputation and want to share your reasons by stating them below!

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Why did you choose Roulhac's Preschool for your child?

Why I Chose Roulhac's:

My son started at Roulhac's as soon as he turned 1. I began looking at Roulhac's because the schedule and location worked for me, but found nothing but positive recommendations from others who had been there. I liked that he would have the opportunity to stay at one school until he started kindergarten and get a quality preschool education. It was the best choice I could have made. The teachers have been caring and wonderful to work with. I know that my son is in a safe, warming, and stimulating environment daily. That confidence is priceless!
Kathryn Jones, 2014-2018

We began at Roulhacs in 2006.  All of my children have attended here since then.  Everyone that has either taught or teaches at Roulhacs have been great. My kids have never complained about going to school when at Roulhacs. They were very well prepared to enter into elementary school and have done well since.  I feel like they are an extended part of the family. Roulhacs is truly a little jewel:)
Farrah Taylor, 2006-2018

Both of our children (3 & 5 years old) look forward to going to school everyday where they are learning academically and socially.  We appreciate having a warm and safe environment with staff members who know and care for them.   Their teachers are engaging and supportive and even the other teachers from other classes look after them and know them. That means a great deal to us.
Ann Laughlin, 2015-2016

We chose Roulhac's for our sweet Sadie based on the continued positive reputation from when I was there as a preschooler.  We are continuously amazed with her loving teachers and their constant care, support and attention they give not only my our daughter but every child in the school.  I know that Sadie is loved on and cared for throughout the day and for that, I will always be extremely thankful for Roulhac's.  My daughter is happy when I drop her off in the morning, and I am happy that she is so well taken care of.
Maggie Leone Glaser, 2015-2017

I always feel guilty about having to work; not being home with the kids.  But then the 3 year old comes around the corner with a flag and proceeds to tell us to cover our hearts with our hands - and he says the pledge. He then grabs a notebook and a pen and made us line up to go outside. He's in the best school ever! :) 
Bianca Cleveland, 2009-2013

My son's teachers have provided love and kindness to him.   I feel so fortunate to know that they spend time with him and treat him with love while I can't be with him.
Margaret Avis, 2014-2018

My nieces went there for several years and were very prepared for kindergarten.  The teachers are THE BEST.  Never once did my son, Hank, ever complain about having to go to daycare.
Mary Stalnaker, 2008-2010

Our daughter started attending Roulhac's when she was 12 months.  We are so pleased with the curriculum, teachers, and overall care that she has received.  The teachers are very friendly and are always engaged with the children.  My daughter is happy when I drop her off in the morning, and I am happy that she is so well taken care of.  There are a variety of toys and activities in her classroom that she can use to sxplore and learn from!  We will definitely be enrolling our younger daughter once she is old enough!
Anna Allen, 2011-2014

Roulhac's has a unique family atmosphere that is hard to come by.  Our family loves it here and yours will, too! 
Tracey Smith, 2015-2018

We started at Roulhac's when my oldest daughter was 15 months old.  My husband is a teacher, and his co-workers sent their children there. It's hard to not take the advice of other teachers. Best decision we've made concerning our kids.  Our older three children have all attended and we will be sending our fourth and youngest once he is old enough.
Shannon Marking, 2002-2015

Originally I chose Roulhac's because I went there and knew it was an excellent preschool with an outstanding, long-term reputation.  I chose to bring my son back each year because of the wonderful care provided by all.  Chase was well prepared for kindegarten...even read the first week of school on his own. I attribute this to Roulhac's
Michelle Durham, 1999-2003

I was recommended Roulhac's through a friend.  So glad we took Scotty there.  It has been a wonderful experience for me, Scott and Scotty.  We have never worried about him while he's at school and we are able to go to work and know that all will be fine.  The teachers have all been great, taught him so much and we have always felt very welcomed and at home there.  Scotty will be leaving for kindergarten this year, and we will miss Roulhac's very much.  Thank you Ms. Terri!
Beth Ami Young, 2006-2011

I chose Roulhac's based on it's wonderful and long-standing reputation.  I've been so please with how my children have been cared for and what they have learned since being there.  The teachers really care about the children and form great relationships with them.  My children love it, and so do I! 
Claire Pennel, 2010-2012

I had a colleage whose children and grandchildren attended.  It's an awesome place, both of my kids love it, and I feel they are getting a great start!
Tabitha Adams, 2009-2014

Both of my children have attended Roulhac's Preschool.  We love the teachers and the family atmosphere.  I feel that my children are in a safe and caring environment.  The Pre-K program really prepares your child for Kindergarten.  We Love Roulhac's Preschool! 
Angie Johnson, 2004-2007, 2008-2011

Originally we were recommended to Roulhac's through 2 different families that loved it there.  Additionally, once I started checking into schools, Roulhac's flexible schedule was the only school where I found what I was looking for in days/hours (3-4 days week, 7am to 6pm).  I have been very happy there!
Jill Lee, 2008-2012

A friend recommended Roulhac's for my daughter.  She loved it and Roulhac's was close to home.  When my son was born it had to be Roulhac's again.  I loved that a lot of the same teachers were still there. We visited this past Christmas and they are still there!  No preschool can say that.  The variety of special classes like tumbling and French helped both of them down the road, I believe.  Thanks, Roulhac's!
Martha McFadden, 1986-1989, 1996-2000

We registered our child, site-unseen, based on Roulhac's reputation!  When we were moving to Memphis from out of state, it was recommended to us by numerous people.  From potty training to pre-reading skills, we've been thrilled about our daughter's progress and look forward to enrolling baby #2 when she is old enough!
Stacey Stevens, 2008-2012

Mr. Budda, the principal at St. Anne's Academy Highland, highly recommended the school.
Rebekah Lansford, 2009-2011