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I welcome this opportunity to tell you about Roulhac's Preschool and Childcare.  Often, I am asked, "Is this a day care center... or do they learn too?"  

At Roulhac's, we know that young children are learning all the time and we plan for it here.  Just as children grow all the time, they learn all the time, not just during special group activities or teacher-planned lessons.  They learn while they're talking, playing, eating, and getting up from nap.  The quality of all of these activities put together makes an impact when it comes to later academic success.  A child's learning depends on our thoughtful understanding of all of their learning experiences and social interaction while in our care.  We are sensitive to your child's intellectual and physical needs, and we won't underestimate the importance of social and emotional learning.  All of us have a shared commitment to the happiness and well being of your child. 

If you haven't taken a tour of Roulhac's Preschool, you are welcome to come and visit anytime. 

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Terri McLain, Director

Roulhac's Preschool and Childcare * 390 South Yates * Memphis, TN  38120