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Ms. Kathleen's Class
The Music Room down the hallway is a happy place to be, and I feel so lucky to be the teacher in that room.  Your children and I have a wonderful time each week listening to music styles ranging from Mozart to folk songs to popular tunes.  Kindermusik also brings us traditional children's songs and verses as well as wonderfully diverse selections from all over the world.
But the award-winning Kindermusik program is much more than just listening to music.  Kindermusik is designed to contribute to your child's musical, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development, while aiding language development and nuturing the ability to listen attentively.  We achieve these lofty goals through creative movement, dancing, singing imitating sounds, storytelling, and instrument exploration.
Our very youngest Roulhac's students are still adjusting to the "new place", and love listening to music and playing with shakers, chime balls, and drums.  Last year's "babies" are quite savvy with the shakers and sticks this year, and are proficient in a number of finger plays!  Our preschoolers and junior kindergarteners are finding music class to be a fun way to reinforce concepts learned in class: opposites, patterns, shapes, colors, etc.  Creative movement to various musical "moods" develop a sense of balance, timing, and spatial awareness.  Listening and turn-taking encourages blossoming social skills.
                                                           Ms. Kris